The trustee for all your needs

Reliable protection of your investments

Your international investments need reliable protection and management in full compliance with cross-border laws and business principles. The task of our company is to develop, organize and ensure reliable and fully legitimate international investment schemes.

Longstanding relationships with customers

Our reliability is based on the principles of uninterrupted service provision, planning for decades ahead, precaution and reasonable conservatism.

Unlimited opportunities

Any asset you’re interested in in any country over the world will be registered in full compliance with the legislative systems of all countries participating in the investment scheme. Each party will get the most reliable protection of its interests.

Joint possession

We provide accounting and control over the fair distribution of ownership rights to any property among co-owners, being in regular interaction with them, organizing and providing all necessary formal and legal procedures.

Smart investing

Strategic planning for dozens of years ahead, concerning development of the law, economic trends and investor’s interests will promote enlargement in your investments’ efficiency and minimize unpleasant accidents.

We care about our customers

Let me introduce myself, my name is Nana Franchetti, I am the head of the Trust Company Global Actual Services. I have two degrees, in Economics and Law. I got both in Europe, in Italy and the Czech Republic, but my most valuable education, I dare say, is the third being life experience gained over the years.

Since I was brought up in the terms of unconditional trust and honesty, having become an adult, I personally faced the fact that everything is different in the world, with plethora of uncertainty and duality, and I strongly disagree that. In the start of my professional career I protected the investors’ interests. Even then I decided for myself that I would do everything to ensure that the interests of my clients were unconditionally protected; thus, I came to the trust.

Today I have an experience of cooperation with such major companies as Assicurazioni Generali (Italy), AXA (France), Aviva plc (Great Britain), Allianz SE (Germany) and others. Naturally, my economic knowledge, informational base and my experience gained over the years help me to manage the whole trust institution aimed to protection of financial interests of our clients.

Even while the recession we succeed in keeping of the savings, assets and so on that people trust to us. This is the most important task, in my opinion.

Over 25 years of work, our company has established itself as a reliable agent in the holiday ownership industry around the world. Our services are used by the largest companies and corporations internationally acclaimed. Many years of experience of the best specialists around the world are the best basis for obtaining guarantees, and we have this in abundance. We offer the best for our clients and make sure that your investments are insured, acting as a guarantor for funds, real estate and club shares entrusted to us. Global Actual Services is a combination of European reliability, Asian wisdom and long-term stability.

Nana Franchetti
The Head of the Trust Company Global Actual Services