It’s the time to entrust your investment to a trust

Billions of families all over the world have access to vacation at the best beach resorts and in the centers of the most popular megacities and historical cities thanks to the holiday ownership of vacation areas. Their investments in their own rest are protected by a legal scheme of co-ownership via a trustee. For many years, our company has been helping the developers and their clients to interact with each other through a transparent and reliable system of co-ownership of real estate. Trust management is a reliable protection of your investment in your own vacation.

We manage the objects evaluated by billions of Euro

Among them, they are hotel complexes, luxury villas development, flats and luxury apartments in major cities, bungalow complexes and other real estate used for recreation.

We manage real estate in 22 countries

We manage real estate in twenty two countries at five continents. We thoroughly study and comply with all laws related to property rights, regularly assess risks and take necessary actions to protect the rights of owners.

Thousands of new contracts every year

Every year we register and issue the certificates for the right to use for thousands of the new owners. Our database on the owners is regularly checked with developers and the holiday clubs in order to keep it up to date.

 I’m a custodian of my parents’ traditions

I can remember that in my childhood my parents traditionally exchanged their homes with their best friends’ family for a week. It was always a memorable travel. I dreamt then how wonderful it would to have such friends everywhere and to travel to different parts of the world. As a kind fairy godmother, Alliance Family Club has realized my dream in the adult life. Meetings, communication and discussion of the projects with other shareholders of Global Actual Services naturally give me an opportunity to have many good friends round the whole world. Please, don’t change your dreams just because you don't know how to make them come true. You’ll learn with us how to do that!

Nana Franchetti about holiday ownerhip
The head of the Trust Company Global Actual Services