Two decades of work for the benefit of our customers

We’re trusted because we always are aimed to the supreme level of professionalism and permanently improve our qualification. We closely monitor all changes in the legislation of the countries where the assets are under our management and where our clients are the residents. Our solutions and strategies are reasonably conservative, ensuring the lowest possible risk coupled with the highest possible reliability.

Any assets recognized at the state level

We are ready to accept for trust management any assets that are officially registered by any state being a member in the UNO.

Any schemes for management, distribution and control

We are ready to provide implementation of any schemes for management, distribution and control between the co-owners including inheritance, delayed in time, or on other terms of use, upon the occurrence of rights to implement payment by installment plans and any other actions that can be easily controlled.

Reasonable cost of superclass service

All our specialists are recognized experts. We value our work with the best lawyers, accountants, administrators and managers. Nevertheless, we are able to provide our services at a reasonable cost, so that we are quite accessible to a wide range of customers.

 The trust has granted me an opportunity to sleep safe and calm

The word ‘trust’ means ‘confidence’. What is the difference between the notions of ‘belief’ and ‘confidence’? A person can believe blindly, but confidence is a belief supported by actions and deeds. At first glance, a trust is very similar to a normal contract of assignment: one person authorizes another to manage his/ her property in one way or another. However, the similarity is purely external. The peculiarity of the trust is that the thing that is transferred to the management, irrevocably becomes the property of the manager. I can give an example of the situation where the trust is used. An old millionaire retires because he is no longer able to manage his entire fortune. He wants his sons to continue his work, but he does not want to simply give his sons large sums of money, apprehending that young people could squander them. Thus, our millionaire finds a reliable lawyer and concludes a trust agreement with him. Under this contract, the lawyer receives the state of a millionaire (trust founder) in his management. The lawyer undertakes to manage the fortune only and exclusively in the interests of the sons of a millionaire. He (the lawyer) has to finance their education, cover their expenses to set up their own business, etc. At the same time, the trust contract strictly prohibits the lawyer to pay from the allocated fortune for the expenses that would be unreasonable use of money in the opinion of the father (bets on races, excessive restaurant expenses, etc.). The founder of the trust may appoint a fixed annual rewarding for the performed work to the lawyer (Trustee) himself from the amount of the transferred property. Global Actual Services is the personal lawyer of each of us, the members of the club Alliance, that will monitor and guarantee the observance of our rights in any situation having taken control of our possession.

Dmitriy Levitskiy (Ukraine)
Private lawyer