Acceptance of multi-currency payments

Global Actual Services provides acceptance of multi-currency payments being as reliable as escrow service. This is a unique and reliable solution for your business. We provide your business with a reliable instrument for payment acceptance in different currencies in Thailand and all over the world.

Global Actual Services provide a service package including issuing invoices in all major European languages, e-mailing, payment collection and full accounting records.

For detailed information about the system of accepting multi-currency payments, please contact us from the contact page.

 GAS is better than a civil law notary

Since I have been working in the real estate sector in the Russian market for many years, moving from the usual membership in the Alliance Family Club to shared ownership, I made such an analogy for myself. Registration of any transaction for the acquisition of real estate is carried out through a civil law notary. This is an essential condition for ensuring and confirming the legality of the transfer of property. In the Club, the similar notary functions are performed by Global Actual Services trust company, officially registered in the Kingdom of Thailand. However, I saw the progressivity of this Trustee in attracting the owners of the Club to participate in the management. No notary can offer his client access to the process of studying and obtaining information on his case. That is why we sometimes hear about the sensational cases of so-called "black notaries". The involvement of the Club members to shared participation in Global Actual Services excludes such a possibility, as each shareholder has access to all information related to the trust management of the Club's property.

Ernest Zabolotskiy (Russia) comments upon the advantages of shared ownership
The owner of a real estate Agency