Acceptance of multi-currency payments

Global Actual Services provides acceptance of multi-currency payments being as reliable as escrow service. This is a unique and reliable solution for your business. We provide your business with a reliable instrument for payment acceptance in different currencies in Thailand and all over the world.

Global Actual Services provide a service package including issuing invoices in all major European languages, e-mailing, payment collection and full accounting records.

For detailed information about the system of accepting multi-currency payments, please contact us from the contact page.

 Well-protected and arranged holiday

After listening to friends who boasted that they themselves made a travel to Montenegro, having independently booked an accommodation on the site we decided to follow their example. We chose a hotel with quality-price ratio being very good, in our opinion. During the booking process, we provided our credit card details, although payment for the accommodation booked on this site is made on site upon arrival, the hotel reserved the right to charge our card of the daily cost of accommodation there. All this would be normal until three days later we received notification that the cost of our accommodation would be almost twice the booked, and we could cancel the reservation only with the loss of the daily cost of hotel accommodation withheld from our card. All attempts to deal with the situation, either appeal to the website, or to the hotel, led to nothing. This feeling of complete powerlessness and helplessness in this situation was remembered for a long time. Therefore, on the first trip by Alliance Family Club we were able to appreciate all the advantages of a holiday well-organized and protected by the trustee Global Actual Services.

The Zholdoskaliyevs family (Kazakhstan)
The members of the club, the owners of T1