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In addition to our professional trust services, we provide many other services, especially for developers working in the hospitality industry. One of the most popular service for today is escrow.

We also provide the following services:

• Corporate services

• Team Building corporate events

• Organization of meetings of clubs and resorts

• Maintenance / collection of membership fees

• Currency operation

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 We appreciate possessing our own area for the rest

Before becoming the members of Alliance Family Club, we had a few years of vacationing, buying trips from a tour operator. We shudder at the memories of our last trip to Turkey by this tour operator. We were brought to the hotel, but were denied its services, because it turned out that the tour operator had not transferred the money for accommodation. This was exactly the moment when this operator went bankrupt, and thousands of families were in the same situation in Turkey, Egypt and other countries. After all this, of course, we liked the idea of owning our own accommodation in the Club, wherever we went on vacation. Moreover, it is especially nice to know that thanks to the trust management of Global Actual Services we are protected from the influence of any force majeure.

The Gritsenkos family (Ukraine)
The members of the club, the owners of T2