The sales of the club certificate

Our company does not have own sales department. For all issues connected with either sales or re-issuance of your ownership for other person, you can appeal to a company specializing in holiday ownership weeks. Below you can read the information about the procedure of sales or re-issuance of your certificate for other person. This information is relevant only for the clients of the clubs who are in a contractual relationship with Global Actual Services. For all issues related to the sale or renewal of the certificate, please contact us from the contact page.

The terms of the sale

Before proceeding of the sale or re-issuing of the certificate for another person, please, make sure that you have the original documents at your disposal and that you have no arrears in management and other fees on the date of application. Please note that as long as your application is pending and no buyer is found, you retain the right to use your weeks, as well as the obligation to pay all annual fees. It must be concerned that non-payment of management fees is a violation of the terms of the contract and can lead to the loss of membership rights.

After you've found the buyer, you must fill in the "The deed of cession of the certificate". The form is presented on the back side of your certificate and must be signed by both parties. It must be obligatorily written full name, address and the number of the certificate. The form should be accompanied with a covering letter determining your intent to cease your membership in the club.

The fee for the issuance of the certificate.

The fee is charged for the issuance of a new certificate. For detailed information about the cost of services and payment methods, please contact us from the payment page.

 GAS is the quality

ISO 9000 is a series of the international standards describing the demands to the system of quality management used by the major brands. I have been an auditor by these standards for many years and understand pretty well what can be called a quality goods at the market. Do you think that my business takes my whole time? No! I travel with my family a lot. Alliance Family Club with the trustee Global Actual Services are that very case when the need in something meets a reliable provision of the service.

Sergey Petrov (Russia)
An auditor, a member of Alliance Club