How to place your project into trust management

As a developer, especially that of a real estate not being the main place of residence for the owners and being located in the popular recreation areas, you can be interested in the scheme of arrangement of the sales based on the shared use of each real estate unit at your development. Whereas such organization of the sales presupposes the raise in the cost of the project (usually within 0.5-0.7% per each million Euro of the sales), it allows to raise the circle of the potential buyers exponentially.

Herewith, there’s no limitation for the property share from the total volume of your development that could be transferred to trust management in favor of the co-owners. You can admit the solution that only one of several buildings or only 10-20-50% of the space will be used for the shared ownership.

Necessary and, perhaps, the only condition for the organization of fractional sales is a clear and unambiguous separation of full ownership for the real estate transferred to the trust management. Such rights should be valid, completely free from existing or future encumbrances.

When implementing the scheme of joint ownership of such real estate, a legal entity will be registered, the equivalent owners of which will be the trust and the developer. Fraction real estate will be re-registered for such company and then the trustee can proceed with the distribution and control of the rights to use such real estate in favor of the developer's clients.

If you are a developer and want to learn more about how trust management can increase your sales and what additional benefits, including tax reduction such a scheme grants, write us a letter with brief description of your development project and what advantages you would like to receive through the use of trust management of this building, in whole or in part.

 I’m a custodian of my parents’ traditions

I can remember that in my childhood my parents traditionally exchanged their homes with their best friends’ family for a week. It was always a memorable travel. I dreamt then how wonderful it would to have such friends everywhere and to travel to different parts of the world. As a kind fairy godmother, Alliance Family Club has realized my dream in the adult life. Meetings, communication and discussion of the projects with other shareholders of Global Actual Services naturally give me an opportunity to have many good friends round the whole world. Please, don’t change your dreams just because you don't know how to make them come true. You’ll learn with us how to do that!

Nana Franchetti about holiday ownerhip
The head of the Trust Company Global Actual Services