What trust management is

Trust asset management is a global practice of joint ownership and use of both tangible and intangible assets.

Assuming the responsibility for registration, recording and re-registration of property rights, the official bodies in most of the states recognize the owner as a single person, either legal or physical, and register absolute rights to property or part of it.The individuals appeal for the trust management in the situations when it’s necessary to distribute rights between co-owners more delicately, that is, in particular, to establish and control the rules for the use, ownership and disposal of property, cash deposits, securities, shares in companies and any other assets of both legal entities and individuals that are accounted for and recognized by state bodies.

It is impossible to quantify the value of all assets in the world under trust management. According to various estimates, only Northern Europe and the UK account for more than two trillion euros of assets in trust management.

The laws of all Western countries have a centuries-old practice of recognizing “collective” or “indirect” property rights.This system thrives from the medieval Europe with its extensive expansions due to the numerous colonies and the acquisition of new solid assets around the world.

Later it became a common legal practice to separate the property rights to the rights for the use, the rights for the ownership and the rights for the disposal.They appeared the laws and legal mechanisms of appointment and alteration of such rights. It was worked out a wide court practice of the precedents that led to improvements in laws and related mechanisms.They act all over the world tens of thousands of public trustees, and the number of trust structures organized by the closed groups of persons for solution of their local tasks cannot be counted but their number is likely to exceed one million.

Nowadays trust management is widely used by businessmen as a means for attraction of more potential clients, for example, when arranging the sales of the rights to use luxury apartments or villas (fraction ownership), and is also used by the physical bodies to ensure inheritance rights, to meet the requirements of the legislation to governmental officials and even to optimize taxation. Summarizing the above, any movable and immovable property, securities and liquid assets can be placed under trust management.

Relatively high cost of the organization and maintenance of the trust management scheme is compensated by flexible tools of fine-tuning and distribution of any rights for such property among co-owners. Due to trust management, high number of the new opportunities available to the average consumer around the world.

 The trust provides me with participation and control

Before learning about the Club opportunities for vacation, I faced an offer to buy a flat in the UAE. I liked the idea, cost and location of the proposed property. I became the full owner of a two-room apartment. Even when I was in the process of purchase of the apartment, I was immediately offered the option of transferring the purchased flat to the trust management of a special company, which for the agreed interest assumed the responsibility for renting my flat for the periods when we did not plan to be in Dubai. Everything seemed logical and economically feasible. High cost of rental housing in Dubai promised a pleasant benefit. However, it turned out that there was a small nuance, the importance of which I realized immediately when I received the first estimate for utility bills for the flat. Emirates is an amazing country with its pace of development and high standard of living, but it also has high utility bills for non-residents. This country has experienced a boom in the purchase of real estate by foreigners, but many caught it on this "hook" with utility costs, information on which was not provided to me in full when buying a flat. As a result, the amount of profit was several times less than expected and the return on investment lasted for 25 years. But, on the other hand, it is this experience that allowed me to appreciate the offer made to me by Alliance Family Club. Along with the cost that paid off in just a few years of our family travels with the Club, I liked how clearly information about the management fee was provided. Having become the owner of the preferred share of "Global Actual Services", I was also able to participate and control club expenses for the maintenance of apartments. Now I understand and realize the economic validity of such set of dimensions of managerial contributions. I can enjoy my holidays indefinitely in different parts of the world, paying utility bills only for the time that I use.

Vladimir Kucheryayev (Russia) tells of his impression as a shareholder of the Club
A preferential shareholder of the club Alliance